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We are a mobile application dedicated to furthering socially impactful causes. We connect high school students looking to fulfill community service hours with nonprofit organizations in need of social media expertise.

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Quantify Your Impact:
With our Social Impact Score, easily measure and track the real impact you are creating through your volunteer work

Build Your Resume:
Add an impressive and unique opportunity to your resume and stand out to top colleges and employers

Learn Important Skills:
Fine tune crucial marketing skills that apply to every field and will help you excel in future opportunities


Reach New Audiences:
Expand your organization’s community of volunteers, donors, and supporters while raising awareness of your mission and cause

Conserve Crucial Resources:
Receive free assistance from experienced high school students to enhance your nonprofit’s presence on a vast and growing network

Tap Into the Benefits of Social Media:
Take advantage of everything Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms have to offer to further your values and goals


Easily Verify Student Volunteering:
Authenticate student community service hours through our Social Impact Score, a quantitative metric uniquely developed for volunteer activities

Track Your Students’ Progress:
Easily see the growth of your students’ skills and the true impact they are making through our web viewing platform

Enrich Your Academic Reputation:
Be at the forefront of education technology and become a leader in implementing innovative community service solutions


Why Join the MyDrop Community?

How does MyDrop work?

Our application matches high-achieving and interested students from participating high schools with local nonprofits supporting causes they are passionate about. These Social Impact Team Members then work in pairs to manage Facebook accounts for these nonprofit organizations, promoting their mission and activities.

What is the Social Impact Score?

MyDrop tracks the activity on the nonprofit Facebook pages and uses a unique algorithm to translate likes, comments, and postings into a number that summarizes the impact that students are making with their social media campaigns. This number (our Social Impact Score) can then be converted into community service hours for class, college applications, and student clubs and organizations.

Why Social Media?

With our younger generations spending more and more time online, a strong social media presence is becoming a must for any organization or cause looking to gain supporters. Small nonprofit organizations with limited time, budgets and technological resources have much to gain from the pro-bono assistance of those who social-media-market themselves everyday—for fun.

How can this help me in my future?

Students who join our Social Impact Team will work closely with our nonprofit partners, gaining valuable mentorship, business and marketing experience, as well as the service hours they need. Nonprofit organizations will have a brand new social media presence created for them, which will allow them to reach a whole new audience of volunteers and supporters without taking any resources away from their missions.

Our Nonprofit Partners

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